December 12, 2009

Jesus Christ Outside of the Bible

I found a book titled: THE CHRISTIANS AS THE ROMANS SAW THEM by Robert L. Wilken. Yale University Press. 1984.

I think the research in this book will likely be useful to me for some apologetic purposes. Specifically in gaining insights into how Christianity was perceived from the eyes of non-Christians in the early days.

Here is a video on a similar topic from this YouTube channel.

December 10, 2009

Refuting Evidentialism

«The essence of evidentialism was expressed by a thinker of the 19th century, W. K. Clifford, who wrote: "It is always erroneous, anywhere and for anything, to believe something without sufficient evidence".

Since according to Clifford, we can never find sufficient evidence for religious beliefs, all who accept a religious belief are behaving in an immoral, irresponsible and irrational manner.

Here is another declaration that refutes itself. It is enough to ask the evidentialist for a proof of his assertion. As it is impossible to present evidence to prove such a thing, we have to come to the conclusion that the true irrationality is found in the evidentialist's proposition.»

- Sugel Michelén, Pastor at La Iglesia Bíblica del Señor Jesucristo, Dominican Republic.
Translated from his original blog post titled: La Ley de la No Contradicción or The Law of Non-Contradiction

Lacking the Faith Blogspot

I stumbled upon some "debating" going on at evangelist Ray Comfort's blog, Atheism Central, which sparked interest in me both to listen and to fight against the claims of atheism, agnosticism, anti-theism, as well as any other form of non-Christian religion.

The comment moderation over there was too slow for me, and the debating turned into mostly fault-finding and name-calling, but mostly just complaints against Ray Comfort himself. So I started this blog, Lacking the Faith, to discuss the issues between Biblical Christianity and non-Christian or anti-Christian arguments against it.

Non-Christians, atheists, non-religious, people of other religions, etc. are all welcome here and can comment, ask questions, share information and debate or whatever. I only hope to keep the name-calling and fault-finding and such to a minimum if it should arise.

I'm not a follower of Ray Comfort, though I am grateful for his ministry and the teaching he provides Christians concerning evangelism. I don't agree with all his methods, but nevertheless agree with his love for the gospel of Christ and the ministry of spreading that gospel to the American people, as well as to those of every nation.

I was saved during my college years by the grace of God as it came to me through faith in Christ when I was reading the Bible. The Holy Spirit caused me to be born again and to know God the Father through His Son, my Lord Jesus Christ. I lack the faith of any other belief system than the truth of Christ found in the Christian Bible.

Anyone wishing to talk is welcome. I want to hear the opposite side's views, minus the obscenity. I hope to be convincing in return, Lord willing.